Hello, world,

I am Kristiyan Ivanov and bellow you can see what I have worked on or I am still working in my part time. I am mostly focused on mobile apps (android only for now...) with cordova, crosswalk and PixiJS, but from time to time I go native or try making plugins for something I like.


Quatinus (Wherebg) is my old diploma project.

It gathers information about venues from foursquare, twitter, forums and so on, connects it, evaluates it and then presents it to the users with ratings for key categories, based on the comments it has found.

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A game version of my CV, full of kittens, zombies and rock music.... what more can you possibly want

I also wrote a Medium story about some interesting aspects of it.

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Be Positive

A cordova app that allows users to share why they are happy, see why others were happy and remind them why they were happy before.

It also has a web version https://bepositive.quatinus.info

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Mad Call

App made with PixiJS, cordova and a lot of java in a plugin.

It allows the user to unleash their anger on the last person they talked on the phone to.

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Gesture Controller

My most downloaded app. Rewritten completely in java.

It allows the users to wake up their devices just by moving them and to teach them 3d gestures, with which later they can open apps.

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Balancing Heroes

My first cordova + PixiJS app

The goal is to keep your hero balanced for as long as possible. Each hero has unique spells and abilities.

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Audio Hero

My first cordova app, which I should redesign at some point.

The goal is to get as much points as possible using your device accelerometer. It also dynamically generates the song notes from the webAudio API.

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Audio Player

Audio player is a chrome plugin

It allows you to make playlists from youtube, soundcloud, etc. while keeping the original links.

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Darkness is a chrome plugin

It allows you to darken page backgrounds to lessen the strain on your eyes.

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installedApps plugin

Installed apps is a cordova plugin.

It returns the installed apps on the user's android device. It returns all of the apps names, packages, etc.

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Export Markers

Export Markers is a Sublime Text plugin.

It generates json from opened audio sprite, that desscribes every sound with its beginning, end, duration, loop and so on.

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If by any chance you want to share something about any of the projects, listed above, have an idea or have something that I can help you with - you can find me at any of the links next.